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The Abataka Foundation was established in 2008 to provide support for a network of women and girls affected by HIV in Lusaka, Zambia. Members strive to overcome the challenges of stigma, discrimination and poverty through participation in life skills programming designed to provide economic opportunities and access to education so that they may achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Abataka is a pan-African term for “belonging” or “community.” Through Abataka membership the women, many of whom are orphaned or are raising grandchildren, have formed a supportive community and are offered classes in jewelry making, sewing, beading, writing, finance, nutrition, hygiene and more. Young girls attend the classes as well, learning from older members of the community. The jewelry the Abataka artisans create is exported and sold, with proceeds directed back to the organization to support scholarships and programming.

Project Awarded:

100 Good Deeds: The Bracelet: To provide training and employment for members of Akataba in Luska and Zambia, charged with producing high quality jewelry. The bracelet has 100 glass beads which are to be individually moved over whenever the wearer does a good deed.

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