M&M Fisher - Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation


David Fisher Sherman, Vice-Chair

David Sherman used his engineering and business background to help build a number of successful companies. Originally he built the back office systems and data information center for The Related Companies in New York City. Later he took his talents to help expand a family multi-generational shoe business to $20M and then started his own low voltage electronics company that became one of the top 50 in the nation.

Currently as a health advocate specializing in natural alternatives, David has been studying nutrition, exercise and hydration for ten years. He has taken his technical education and applied science to the wellness industry as a professional network marketer and visionary/owner for Natural ReCharge, a functional wellness company in metropolitan Detroit.

David served alongside his wife Ellen and Caroline as co-chairs of the Fisher Foundation NextGen committee for the last three years. He serves on the board of Yad Ezra . He was chosen by his cousins to join Caroline Cummings Rafferty as the first members of the NextGen to serve on the Foundation Board.