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Land Bank


The Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) is working to eliminate blight in Detroit in order to stabilize neighborhoods and improve quality of life for local residents. Brightmoor is among the many communities that benefit from the DLBA’s blight removal efforts.

Project Awarded

Brightmoor Blight Removal Project: This project supports the removal of approximately 45 buildings throughout Brightmoor, particularly structures surrounding Gompers Elementary School. In partnering with the DLBA, the Foundation hopes to support local children and families by investing in cleaner and safer neighborhoods.

Photo & Video Gallery

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This “Before” photo shows blighted and abandoned structures in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit.

This “After” photo shows the same lot, cleared of blight after Detroit Land Bank Authority activity.

Weeds, grass and brush overrun an abandoned lot in Brightmoor.

This photo shows the same lot cleared with the help of the Detroit Land Bank Authority.