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Excellent Schools Detroit (ESD) formed in 2010 as a coalition with an important mission: an excellent education for every Detroit child, from cradle to career, by 2020 such that 90% of students are well-prepared for kindergarten, 90% graduate from high school on time, 90% go on to post-secondary programs and 90% of those do so without needing remediation.

Project Awarded

Early Childhood & Education Continuum Data Infrastructure Development: This grant strengthens ESD’s early childhood strategies through data initiatives focused on early learning talent development, collective impact, stakeholder alignment, and parent engagement.

Early Educator Professional Development & Coaching Pilot: Partnering with The New Teacher Project (TNTP)---a national expert in training educators---this grant supports participants in learning effective teaching practices for establishing strong classroom culture and an environment for high academic expectation.

Photo & Video Gallery

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An Excellent Schools Detroit teacher works with students in a classroom.

An Excellent Schools Detroit educators works on an art project with students.

A child in an Excellent Schools Detroit classroom practices writing her name.

This graph demonstrates the impact of Excellent Schools Detroit’s Early Educators Excel (E3) training program.