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Pewabic Society


Pewabic is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit dedicated to enriching the human spirit with clay. Founded in 1903, Pewabic fosters a progressive environment by celebrating new artists, exhibiting innovative work and offering opportunities to explore, experiment and invent.

Project Awarded

Pewabic Pre-School Education Program: This grant supportsPewabic’s Preschool Education Program, which focuses on teaching children between the ages of 3-5 how to use clay to build cognitive, social-emotional, and psychomotor skills (both gross and fine) integrating these activities into a curriculum designed to prepare and ready children for kindergarten.

Photo & Video Gallery

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A student receives pottery instruction through Pewabic’s outreach programs. Photo credit: Pewabic Society

Participants engage in a hands-on workshop at Pewabic’s headquarters on the east side of Detroit. Photo credit: Pewabic Society