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The Stamps School’s commitment to innovation in teaching and learning is demonstrated by their undergraduate program, including the Detroit Connections course series, a cornerstone of the Engage Creative Practice Program. This program boasts a 15-year history of engagement with K-12 youth, teachers and schools throughout Detroit. These courses led to sustained partnerships throughout Detroit and are a foundation of the Brightmoor Maker Space.

Project Awarded

Brightmoor Maker Space: Operating with the belief that creative work changes lives, the Stamps School has developed a Brightmoor Maker Space as part of the Knight Arts Challenge. This space will nurture creative entrepreneurship and enhance Brightmoor’s reputation as one of Detroit’s most enterprising neighborhoods. Stamps plans to implement a number of public and creative design workshops, engaging a diverse audience of community members from throughout the neighborhood. Hundreds of youth and adult residents will be involved in this programming.

Photo & Video Gallery

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Two students participate in art classes through the Brightmoor Maker Space.

A Brightmoor teen practices his wood carving skills in an art class at the Brightmoor Maker Space.

Brightmoor youth work on an urban garden in their neighborhood.

A group of teens work on the “Water Cyclers” project, a solar-charged water purification system, with the Brightmoor Make Space.