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Community Capital Management

The CCM Economic Development Bond Fund LLC: The State of Michigan Impact Series (the Fund) is a high credit quality vehicle making fixed income investments in support of community economic development in the State of Michigan. Community Capital Management (CCM) is one of the largest impact investment managers in the United States and brings more than 15 years of experience managing client assets in market rate bonds throughout the U.S. to Michigan’s impact investing landscape. The Fund puts social impact in the forefront and through reporting and detailed metrics, investors will be able to demonstrate specific social return. CCM’s relationship with The Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF) will assist in identifying effective programs and further illuminate areas of opportunity for impact investing within the state of Michigan. While the Fund provides a new and accessible way to participate in impact investing, CCM’s footprint in Michigan is longstanding. To-date, CCM has invested over $150 million in Michigan impact bonds


Investment: $1 million in partnership with Council of Michigan Foundations and Community Capital Management.