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Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue

Serving as the only free-standing synagogue in the City of Detroit, Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue (IADS) fits a crucial need for residents looking to engage in Jewish life within city limits. Founded in 1921, IADS has survived years of hardship and is currently experiencing an exciting time of growth. After a period of decline, a group of young professionals began working to reinvigorate the synagogue in 2008. At the core of everything it does, IADS retains a strong focus on building a culture of inclusivity and welcoming. IADS attracts a vibrant and diverse crowd, including Jews who may not feel welcome at other legacy institutions or who simply strive build their Jewish identity in the heart of Detroit.


Family Friendly Programs at IADS: These programs include informal Jewish education (holiday events, Shabbat, etc.), formal Jewish education (through Dor Hadash) and social justice initiatives. Funding will provide the program supplies, staff support, and marketing materials that are essential to make these initiatives successful.