Detroit is fueled by community heroes dedicated to supporting children. In every pocket of the city, there are people nurturing and investing in our youth. From teachers and counselors, to doctors and nurses; librarians and statisticians, to mentors and artists. Some are youth themselves advocating for their peers. Others are caring adults who look to protect, guide and provide for kids. Narrowing down a list of people who represent the care our city has for its youth was a challenging, yet rewarding project. We compiled the list by asking a few dozen Detroiters, “Who comes to mind when you think about = people who champion Detroit kids?”

The result: an extraordinary group of individuals representing a vast swath of communities, backgrounds, and ages. We asked each of them to share their aspiration for Detroit youth and what they’re doing to help make it a reality. What we heard back was an inspiring testament to the love our city holds for its kids. — The Skillman Foundation

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