The Michigan League for Public Policy (MLPP), a nonpartisan policy institute dedicated to economic opportunity for all, recently released The Owner’s Manual for Michigan, a comprehensive guide that provides 16 policy recommendations for our lawmakers to consider. MLPP shared that the manual was informed through their meetings with residents in six cities around the state and developed by their team of policy analysts.

Cynthia Rowell, a board member of MLPP, CMF member and director of learning and impact for The Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation, shared that MLPP also developed one-page summaries around specific topics providing readers with a snapshot of the issue, the current data related to the topic and recommendations for the role policy change could play in advancing outcomes.

“I am hopeful The Owner’s Manual for Michigan will serve as a compass for directing legislators to the needs of the people they are elected to represent,” Rowell said. “More than one in five children in Michigan live in poverty which we know is a primary indicator of poor child outcomes; as a state, we can do better by listening to those inside the issues and responding to their recommendations for change. The Owner’s Manual for Michigan is the tool for the funding community as well; knowing our funding objectives align with community voice helps to ensure we are headed in the right direction!”

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