This time of deep uncertainty has reinforced for us the importance of maintaining strong connections and reaching out to those around you to understand how we can help each other.

And so, we are reaching out to you today with words of encouragement and support as we work through this crisis together.

To our grant partners: We remain committed to working alongside you throughout this crisis. We know much of your work has been halted, quite unexpectedly, and this stoppage may have an effect on grant-funded outcomes. We share your disappointment about canceled programs, rescheduled events, office closures and more. We’ll work proactively to be flexible in structuring grant terms, expectations, and payments. Our team has been in contact with nearly all our grant partners, but please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

To our funding partners: We are eager to deepen our partnership by learning and serving alongside you. We are eager to lead by listening, deriving our next steps from our partners on the ground and in the field. Let’s be the best and enthusiastic lieutenants to those leading our community each day.

To our neighbors: From Brightmoor to Israel and in many communities in between, we have the great privilege of serving alongside innumerable families. We take this honor seriously. We know you are also a vital resource for your community and we will do everything possible to strengthen your efforts, which are needed now more than ever before.

To all: In the event you are aware of volunteer opportunities both in person and virtual, please share those with us.  Beyond the financial resources of the Foundation, our family, our staff, and others are eager to put their hearts, heads, and if possible, their hands to work.

Lastly, while acknowledging our shared anxiety, frustration, and uncertainty, we will maintain our positive outlook and work proactively together with all partners during this difficult time.

On behalf the Fisher family and Foundation staff, thank you for your leadership, commitment, courage, and empathy.

We are in this together!


Phillip Wm. Fisher, Chair  |   Douglas Bitonti Stewart, Executive Director